Places of interests include Nozawa, only 15 minutes away by car from Iiyama.  This town is famous for its rustic village and public hot springs, also known as Onsen.  Or you may explore Kanazawa, 1 hour and 15 minutes by the bullet train.  

Kanazawa is the biggest city in the Hokuriku region.  The city is surrounded by the Japan Alps, Hakusan National Park and Noto Peninsula National Park.  Since the Kaga Clan invited many artists and craftsmen to this area, it achieved a high level of craftsmanship that continues to flourish to this day.  




There are so many places in Japan that a person could enjoy. Most people I've talked to think of Japan as mysterious and intriguing.  Visiting Japan can be intimidating to those who have not travelled internationally. Japan is uniquely different than western countries.  The language, writing, food, traditions and culture may turn even the most curious away from visiting.  But luckily, knowledge is a powerful tool. A list of links are provided below to help you prepare, relax and enjoy a truly awesome people, culture and country.


•   Japan-guide.com is a good  starting place for answering some of your questions and making your visit pleasant and informed.

•  Japan-rail-pass  or IACE Travel JR Pass to help travel throughout japan by bus, train or Bullet Train (Shinkansen).

•  Dig Japan has helpful information for visitors about traveling in Japan.

Click the link to learn more about Iiyama, Nagano:   http://www.iiyama-ouendan.net/en/     

Click the link to learn about activities and things to do in Iiyama:       

Some of the activities from the website:

1) Canoeing at Lake Hokuryuko with a tour guide

Time: 1330-1530

Price: For 1 person ¥5,000, For 2 people ¥8,000, For 3 people ¥10,000 (includes insurance)

2) SUP(Stand Up Paddle board) at Lake Hokuryuko with a tour guide

Time: 1330-1530

Price: ¥4,000 per person

3) Welcome Landscape Cycling Tour with a tour guide (Departure at Iiyama train station)

Time: 1330-1600

Price: ¥5,000 per person

4) Self-guided Cycling tour
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Please note that transportation to and from the departure location is not included. Please take a taxi or public transportation.