What's New? Updated 3/3/2019


*We are offering a temple lodging near Zenkoji in Nagano. Zenkoji was founded in 7th century and it is Japan's primary center of Buddhist faith. Many visitors come every year to be awed by the masterpiece of Buddhist architecture.

*Temple stay is truly unique, and you will enjoy "Authentic Japanse Inn" stay. Why not do as Japanese do when you are in Japan?

*For this retreat, we will accomodate all of our participants with temple lodging. If we filled all of the rooms at the temple lodging, or you must stay at the hotel, please be aware that the hotel is a 30-minute walk from the temple.

*Our next informational meeting will be held at 1:00 pm on Saturday April 6, 2019 at Sattva Fitness Yoga Center.

・Recent US Dollar to Japanese Yen rate: 100 USD = 11188 JY. This rate is FYI only. The conversion rate fluctuates every day.